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Minnesota Camp Guide's first mission is to provide a heightened, holistic understanding of our state's public outdoor recreation landscape. Some iconic places, distinct camping experiences or challenging questions are worth a deeper dive. 

Chippewa National Forest

Guide to (Designated) Dispersed Camping


1 Forest 76 dispersed sites $FREE

     In the woods and waters of our first national forest in the state of Minnesota, these 666,000 acres of old growth conifers, aspen grove, birch and sugar maple bush contain a secret collection of some of the most distinct and unforgettable primitive camping experiences. A handful of them are crown jewels of all Minnesota's offerings. Some of them are complete garbage. Find out which ones are worth the trip and where to find them in this premium camp guide. 


Buy Me a Beer?

Crafting this premium content was going to be a way for me to sell something to support the expense and effort of maintaining this project. 

Selling is also an activity that costs; costs resources I would rather invest in creating more content and more tools to unlocking the outdoor recreation landscape for more people. 

I'm not interested in creating paywalls, managing crowdfunding pages or pursuing advertising placements. 

I'm interested in helping as many who are inclined to recognize the full potential of our public lands inventory and convince them to participate in as much of it as possible. Every piece of it is important - for ecology, industry and our personal benefit. We need a majority of our community to experience and value a majority of our public lands if they are to remain protected and maintained in a representative democracy. We use it, or we lose it. 

If you agree with this sentiment, and this project has brought any value to you - I'd appreciate your support. A little bit goes a long way; towards the website maintenance, countless hours curating and maintaining maps and getting into the field to craft new content. Whether I'm at my desk, or overnight in our public lands - sponsor a cold one and I'll crack a toast to you. 

Thank you. 

Venmo: @mncampguide

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